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Vanda Carter

Favourite Things, A few of my

Lido pix 2-10 003


That winter swimming endorphin rush lasts all day.



Do you like motorbikes? Not looking at them, riding them? The wind in your face, the pong of petrol. What’s the fastest you’ve ever been on a bike? Me? I seem to remember it was105mph along the Hogs Back on the back of Matthew’s Honda in about 1976. No fear back then. No speed cameras either. No bike at the moment - Can I live without one? Are you still a biker when you haven't got a bike?



Steel, copper, aluminium. I love welding.


Silent Cinema

Not silent at all, never was. See these wonderful films with live improvised piano accompaniment at the fabulous Kennington Bioscope. 'Camille' (1921) starring Alla Nazimova and Rudolph Valentino is my favourite so far.



Would you like to look inside my shed?


Glam rock

I know I should have grown out of all this, but hey, Marc, I’m still riding that white swan… Life’s a gas - Let’s hope it lasts.


Vegetarian living

When I became a vegetarian in 1978 I learned to cook from Rose Elliot's recipe book 'Simply Delicious' and the 'Cranks Recipe Book'. I still use them both. Have I ever missed meat or fish? Not ever, not for one minute.


Ice skating

Beautiful but deadly. I can’t resist. I spun around, tripped on the twist, hit the deck, broke my wrist. Did that stop me? Not bloody likely. The cast came off. I still persist…


Philosophy, politics & economics

Humanists UK,  National Secular Society, Labour Party.

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