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Vanda Carter

In the Shed...

Inventory of top shelf  (from left to right):


Spray can of fairy liquid solution for squirting at greenfly; two cartons of slug pellets; box of grease bands (a sort of glue trap you wrap round the tree trunk to catch insects trying to shin up the plum tree to eat the plums);

box of Phosphogen plant food powder; bottle of liquid derris – this stuff was great for killing flea beetle but, oh dear, it's toxic & selling it has been banned by the EU since 2008. And the peachy bottle on the end is hand cream for application after digging.


Hanging below shelf:


Umbrella & plastic mac because it always rains; wire for suporting raspberry canes; hacksaw; hand forks (various), big rusty blunt saw; shears; trowels; dibbers; brush; paint brushes; plastic coated wire for tying plants to supporting sticks.





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