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Come and sit by my fire for a while.

"Purple water" by Mary Duffy
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 Spacegirl pukes again!

Written by Katy Watson

Illustrated by Vanda Carter

Yes! That nauseating and hilarious book Spacegirl Pukes is in print and available, republished in 2017 by Spacegirl Books.


 Where can I get copies of Spacegirl Pukes?

If you are a bookshop wanting to stock Spacegirl Pukes please visit the Spacegirl Books website or contact

Gay's The Word bookshop have stocks of the book.

Online you can buy the book from Letterbox Library, who also stock a great range of other kids books representing diverse families of many kinds.

You can also order Spacegirl Pukes from your local bookshop or buy it online through Amazon.

Future Memories -  Feather

My sculpture 'Feather' will be in the South London Women Artists' group exhibition 'Future Memories'  at the Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch from          31 January to 5 February 2023. 

Here is a short video of all the artworks.

The Reading Corner

December 2022: Lorna Doone by RD Blackmore (1869)

Wild misty moorland, charming highwaymen, rogues and murderers trounced and right and virtue wins out in the end. Great escapism! 

What Vanda is reading now

What Vanda was reading

30 years ago: Kalki by Gore Vidal (1978)

40 years ago: Through the Narrow Gate by Karen Armstrong  (1981)

How do I know what I was reading 40 years ago?

I've kept a list of all the books I've read since 1974.

Art Garfunkel has been keeping his book list since 1968. Take a look.

Vanda Carter

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