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Sculpture and Other Art

I have always drawn things and made things.  I have always had boxes of interesting found things under my bed - metal, wire, old circuit boards, keys, feathers, stones, light bulbs - things which usually, eventually, sometimes turn into something else.


In Spring 2014 I joined the metal sculpture class at Morley College's Henry Moore Sculpture Studio and learned to cut and shape, weld and cast metal. There is no stopping me now...


IMGP0527 copy


Wading bird

My mother kept this. I made it when I was about six years old.


Other Art

Magnet sculpture 170900 V1 copy.jpg

Coming soon!

Please visit my sculpture gallery pages to see my work . Click on the page links below or hover over 'Sculpture' in the main menu.


      Various sculptures

     Dorset steel sculptures

     Kinetic sculptures

     Radio circuit railings

     Childrens drawings sculpture


After seven years, the house and garden are full of my sculptures. I have run out of space. As a consequence of this, many of my sculptures are now for sale!


Please contact me if you would like to buy one.


Magnet Sculpture (1975)

This is held together with the magnet out of an old radio transformer so you can rearrange it endlessly. 

Vanda Carter

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