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About me

I was born in South West London in the year that Elvis joined the US Army.


I retired from my first career as a fashion model at the end of the Sixties (TThat's me top middle & bottom right around 1964).


At the end of the Seventies I read English at Brasenose College, Oxford.


In the mid Eighties I ran the film distribution library at the London Film Maker’s Co-operative.


My experimental animation has been screened internationally and supported by the British Council and the Arts Council.


In the Nineties I worked for five years with the internationally renowned charity Age Exchange. I ran 'Telling & Showing', a video production company making training, information and local history video programmes. I taught animation for Lambeth Community Education Service at the Strand Film Workshop and worked in the Media Department of South Thames further education college.


In the Noughties I ran Camden Council's groundbreaking Intergenerational development programme. I also worked with Out For Our Children campaigning for better resources and practice in schools representing same-sex parented families.


I currently work as a Development officer  in Camden Council's Regeneration team. I also make things, grow vegetables and swim as often as possible.


I am working on several more illustrated books for children and lots of sculptures.



Vanda Carter

That's me in 1964 - Top middle & bottom right.
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