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Hiring the films

Mothfight can also be hired from Lightcone in France

Experimental animators often seem preoccupied with time, perception, movement and the paradoxes of human existence? Myself included. Why is that?

16mm optical sound film prints of Mothfight and I.con can be hired from The Lux Collection.




3 mins. B&W 16mm. 1995


“The light of your strife,

the blight and the brightness,

the night dark and jagged,

the livid and bloody.

The entrails and nightmare,

the goddess with snake hair.

Turn away. I am still there,

at the back of your mind.”


My own personal Hound of Heaven?

Or should that be Bitch from Hell?




Glory Boys?


4 mins. Super 8. 1983.


In 1983 I was thinking about making a collage  animation exploring images of violence in boy's comics and kid's books. Then, the Faulklands War began and the same images and rhetoric began to appear in the media and TV news: 'Our brave boys', 'Gotcha', 'Stick it up your junta' etc. Never having lived through a war before I had not seen mass-media propaganda of this sort. I was appalled. So many people were deceived. Glory Boys was my comment on this, made quickly and angrily and badly for just a few quid.



Vanda Carter



 8 mins. B&W. 16mm. 1985


When I was making “Mothfight” I thought it was symbolic - about light & dark, chaos & order, good & evil...  Someone said, it’s about sex, isn’t it? Someone else said, it’s a frenetic post-modern Flight of the Bumble Bee; a homage to Stan Brakhage; a love letter to the old Co-op contact printer; it’s about cinema, the fragile tiny image caught in the beam of light...


Yes. All of that, but especially light, dark, insects and cinema.


The soundtrack is composed and performed by cellist Stuart Jones.

This digitally remastered version of 'Glory Boys?' made by the BFI National Film Archive in 2014 is part of the National Film Theatre''s 'This is Now: Film & Video After Punk' programme which touried internationally during 2015/16. To enquire about the 'This is Now' touring programme, please contact Lux Distribution:




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