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Vanda Carter

Book reviews

Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – books March 16th 2007, Will Davis

 If you're cleaning up kids' books, look to fairytales first


‘For some, it would seem the fear a child might decide to try out homosexuality apparently outweighs the risk that they might be scarred for life by vicious bullying……….it’s very difficult to understand why anyone, parent or Christian, would get their knickers in a twist about stories that simply lay the cards on the table’



The Guardian 14/03/07, Zoe Williams:


It’s all over for homophobia


Today did a vox pop and did managed to find a mother who objected to Spacegirl Pukes….Asked why she disliked the story the parent replied: ”Because I wouldn’t want to set the seed, as they say, that that’s how I’d like her to live her life. Because of my own personal views.”….. When people start alluding to their views like a medical complaint (legitimate but unmentionable) looping their argument out of embarrassment – it’s all over, really. The shouting is long gone”



The Times Educational Supplement 16/02/07, Adi Bloom:


I’ve got two mummies – Spacegirl character shows pupils that a different family make-up is possible


‘The Church of England said it was happy for the book to be used in nursery and primary classrooms. “It reflects the experience of some children who will be in school,” a spokesman said. The Catholic Education Service refused to comment.



The Daily Mail, April 3rd 2007, Peter Hitchins:


What puking spacegirls tell us about our schools


I have seen only Spacegirl and my guess is that it found a publisher only because it is a propaganda book…My main point is… point out how hugely our society has been changed, in just 20 years, by the deliberate and systematic actions of anti-marriage revolutionaries. And they have not finished. Another two decades and they will also have forced Christianity out of the classroom.’

(Hilariously surreal tosh - I can't bring myself to put in a hotlink but you might still be able to track it down online if you like - VC)



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